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Citizen Games offers free fantasy role playing games, customized dungeons and dragons adventures and character generator.

Dungeoneer is a customizable fantasy board game for 2 or more players. It is fast, portable, and easy to learn yet challenging for players of all levels. Expansion sets will include new characters, treasure cards, encounter cards, and of course dungeon cards. You can combine sets to create your own adventure! In Dungeoneer, you take on the mantle of one of four great Heroes set out to prove your valor. You venture forth into the ever-changing foul Tomb of the Lich Lord to be the first to complete all your Quests.

Since the game is a MMORPG you will meet here a lot of fellow players with whom you can establish a clan and fight together. But you can also go on a lone solo quest to kill the dragon, save the princess and undercover the secret. Players may choose to hunt, vanquish monsters, travel different realms, start their own guild, pursue a career in helping others, and much more!

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Citizen Games announces the upcoming release of "Way of the Witch", a d20 sourcebook to play the likes of a witch. Written by four of the best women writers in the game industry; including Jean Rabe, Janet Pack (of Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms fame), Christina Stiles and Megan Robertson, the "Way of the Witch" is filled from cover to cover with new spells, skills, feats and prestige classes.


An Online RPG can either be a game like Diablo 2 where you buy it offline then play it online or it can be an online-only RPG that is either played in a browser and/or does not have the subscription model of MMORPGs. Citizen Games provides FREE multiplayer browser-based fantasy/adventure games. We offer seven selectable classes, each with its own unique skill set.

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